Eliminate Risk: The Managed IT Services
Guide for Csuite Executives

As a business owner you have a lot on your plate. You’re juggling a large amount of responsibilities in order to keep your business thriving. Why add more to the list of things you need to manage if you don’t have to?

It’s probably safe to say that efficiency is something you value in your day to day routine. So adding more to the workload is going to impede the progress you make on a daily basis. Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to a team of experts who can take care of the needs that don’t directly apply to your normal responsibilities?

Managed IT Services

For some business owners, it can be hard to understand the true value of Managed IT Services. The truth of the matter is, having a Managed IT Services partner to take care of all your IT needs is essential for keeping you focused on what you know best: your business.

Eliminating the stress that comes with keeping your IT systems in line, secure, and running can do wonders for your peace of mind as a business owner; not to mention the increased productivity you’ll have in running your business. So, throw all of your IT responsibilities over to us and let us handle what we know best.

What is Managed IT Services

Essentially, Managed IT Services is taking your IT needs and handing it off to a third party organization - one that specializes in taking care of the responsibilities that come along with this. These organizations are known as Managed Service Providers, or MSPs. They will either become your business’s IT department or, depending on your company’s size, can supplement your current IT department.

What’s included in these services depends on you and your business. It’s more like a customized service to fit your needs. You may have certain IT needs already spoken for by an in-house employee, but need the larger issues to be taken care of by a MSP. Alternatively, you may have no options in-house for your IT responsibilities, in which case they can take over everything for you. It’s the peace of mind that MSPs provide that is so valuable to a business owner.

There are, however, some base requirements that most MSPs will have when partnering with you and your business. They will want to make sure that your systems are up to date enough so that they are able to keep you and your business safe. For example, it will be hard to give you the service you need if you are running off of outdated computer systems. They’ll want to update these older systems and ensure that the proper toolkit can be used to keep you secure. MSPs will typically want to use specific hardware as well, installing things like their own firewalls and BDRs (backup and disaster recovery). This allows them to keep your cost down and run their services more efficiently for everyone.

Who Needs Managed IT Services?

The easy answer to this question is essentially any business owner. A lot of times it’s hard to rely on just one in-house IT employee. That one person is just inherently more limited in what they can provide for your business. It’s hard to find that one person who is an expert in every aspect of IT and IT services. Because there are so many moving parts, and so many aspects of keeping your business secure, having a team of experts that are dedicated to handling these issues will be more beneficial.

Any business owner who is looking for a budget friendly solution that offers compliance for everything involved with IT needs, system uptime, and security should be in the market for Managed IT Services. It’s convenient for smaller to medium sized businesses to go with a MSP because of that budget friendly roadmap provided.

Typically when partnering with a MSP, that organization will offer you a roadmap; this might be a one, three, or five year plan depending on your needs. This roadmap will have certain IT issues that may come up over time written into it, whether they be small issues or larger ones. That way there are no surprise expenses. With an individual IT employee, this luxury isn’t there. For instance you may at some point need to replace an entire server, which is a huge expense for your company. With a MSP, your roadmap will have a solution for this built into it. This is going to eliminate a lot of stress, headaches, and budget stretching on your part. All while saving you from the downtime that prevents you from running your business effectively, efficiently, and productively.

What is Infrastructure Management in the IT Industry?

Have you ever needed to rent office space for your business? You get with a broker to find the space that you believe is right for you and pay for monthly fees to use the space. With IT infrastructure management, it’s the same idea. You are working with your MSP so that they can provide you with the tools you need to keep your IT systems safe and secure.

Again, this is great for the budget conscious business owners. The upfront cost of having to purchase all of the tools needed for these services would be a huge blow to your budget. Having a MSP that you can rent (or lease) the necessary equipment and tools saves you that money. All while being able to hand off the responsibilities to an expert organization, keeping your time open to handle your normal day to day duties.

What are the Benefits of Managed IT Services?

When choosing to go the Managed IT Services route, your business is going to experience a certain luxury you would otherwise be struggling to replicate in-house. Here are the essential benefits that your company will experience when partnering with a MSP:

  • Increased uptime and decreased downtime
  • Cost saving and budget friendly
  • Allows you to focus on business responsibilities
  • Access to experts
  • Quick response time and proactive services

In order to fully realize these benefits and what specific services partnering with a MSP can give to your business, we will need to dive deeper into what goes into Managed IT Services.

Managed IT Services at Valeo Networks

At Valeo Networks, we’re always on the lookout for different ways to make your life easier. We are a Managed Service Provider that incorporates every aspect of Managed IT Services in a way that will work for you. We will work with you to figure out which services would benefit your business, and which ones you may not necessarily need at the moment.

Our Proven Process helps us determine which package will work best for your individual needs.

1. Discovery Meeting
This is where we learn about you and your business, while you have a chance to learn more about our team here at Valeo Networks. We will discuss any pain points you may have and the objectives we can accomplish together.

2. Technology Assessment
During the assessment we will review and gauge where your technology systems stand and determine what type of solutions we can offer you with the current technology. We will also inform you if we need to upgrade any components of your IT infrastructure.

3. Review Options
This is an opportunity for you to get to know our team and our process on an even deeper level. We will provide you with introductions to our “4 Support Pillars”, our support team and support plan, as well as give you our Business Technology Roadmap. With all of this, plus an overview of the onboarding process, you will have a thorough understanding of the benefits you get from partnering with Valeo Networks

4. Implement Solutions
During this phase, we will establish the expectations for our time together. The onboarding process will take place (30-45 days) where we will set the groundwork for fortifying your IT infrastructure. Our technology implementation will take place at this time and we will also review any items for the 1st Technology Business Review (TBR).

5. Recurring Reviews
Throughout our time working together, we will conduct quarterly TBR’s to ensure everything is where it needs to be within the infrastructure in order to keep your business running smoothly. We will conduct and discuss reviews for the 1, 3, or 5 year IT RoadMap.

At Valeo we have your back. Through our Proven Process, you can see how thorough we will be in keeping all of your IT needs in check and keep any unwanted stress off of your plate. Contact us today to see how you can cover all of your IT needs, all in one place.

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