Manufacturing And Distribution

Accelerating Product Information

Today's manufacturing and distribution industry faces numerous challenges that impact strategic initiatives: global competition, regional expansion, mergers and acquisitions, complex supply chains, and new business models to name just a few. To excel in this environment, manufacturers must find innovative ways to improve operations and capture opportunities.

For example, manufacturing and distribution companies must strike a balance among several important functions to compete successfully. As the lines between supplier, manufacturer and customer blur, companies must form partnerships to continually improve the manufacturing process. At the same time, they need to accelerate product innovation. And, manufacturers need to leverage resources while making sure the right capability gets to where it's needed on time.

Valeo Networks’ IT Solutions understands the time, cost and quality pressures manufacturers and distributors face. We've worked across industry sectors including composite materials, plastic products, dental office equipment, textiles, office supplies, pumps and valves, fittings, technology components, mobile computing accessories, office furniture, adhesives and laminates, decking material, and more. We use the knowledge and experience gained to improve each manufacturing customer's IT infrastructure as a means to improve business operations.

Providing Tailored Solutions

Drawing from well-rounded manufacturing and distribution experience, Valeo Networks’ IT Solutions delivers industry-specific outsourcing and IT infrastructure services including enterprise application hosting, remote managed services and IT infrastructure services. In addition, we provide transition and project services that include data center transitions, project estimating, planning and execution.

In every case, we align technology with your business strategies. With a "configure-to-order" philosophy, we tailor every solution to the specific needs of our customer, regardless of the ERP application on which their IT environment is running.

Valeo Networks’ IT Solutions services help manufacturing and distribution customers get the most from their IT environment. We provide 24/7 support of complex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. We configure solutions to minimize the need for multiple systems, streamline production, minimize inventory-carrying costs, configure complex products, and manage your personnel, material, and data processing more effectively.

Some specific IT services we provide include application development, EDI e-commerce transaction administration, application integration, application functional support, application administration, database administration, operating system administration, WAN/LAN management, desktop and device management, infrastructure management, IT security administration, high availability/disaster recovery solutions and additional services as needed. 

Valeo Networks’ also offers colocation and hosting options in our world-class operations centers that deliver highly reliable, secure and cost-effective IT infrastructure solutions.

  • Freedom to focus on core competencies
  • Cost savings that increase returns on technology investments
  • Greater ability to respond to changing markets
  • More informed decision-making through objective data
  • Efficient management of suppliers
  • Effective enterprise resource planning
  • Consistently reliable IT delivery for improved productivity and customer service
  • More successful IT initiatives through proven methodologies and best practices
  • Risk mitigation through business continuity and disaster recovery services

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