Professional Services

Meeting Expectations Through Innovation

Professional services firms sell intangible products that are difficult to quantify. This challenge makes efficiency and profitability crucial goals. To succeed, professional services companies must estimate projects accurately, complete them on time, and meet their end-customer requirements.

Valeo Networks’ IT Solutions has a wealth of experience working with professional services firms, designing and implementing IT infrastructure that helps them better understand their businesses and meet their objective. We also know that not all professional services firms are created equal. Architects have different requirements than lawyers, accountants, engineers and marketing firms. That’s why we get to know our clients as individuals and create systems that work best for them and their business.

To succeed with professional services companies, an IT solution partner must understand the special requirements, create solutions, and execute them on a daily basis. For example, employee time and expense transactions need to be captured easily. This data, along with other costs, must be entered and integrated with the billing system, then applied to specific projects to accurately recognize revenue and profitability. Finally, decision makers need relevant performance and profitability information to manage resources and strategic initiatives.

By deploying advanced technologies, professional services companies can add greater value to their clients and their operations. Valeo Networks’ and implement a well-planned and managed infrastructure that makes it easy to share data for enhanced decision-making, allowing the organization to work as one integrated team. But most importantly, sound IT operations management helps professional services firms meet rising customer expectations through innovative applications.

Providing Tailored IT Outsourcing Solutions

Professional Services firms face many opportunities as well as challenges. Valeo Networks’ IT Solution's proven track record leverages those opportunities while addressing the unique complexities of the professional services industry.

A well-designed IT system from Valeo Networks’ IT Solutions can help your professional services firm improve customer satisfaction and your bottom line, both at the same time.

  • Manage and use customer information
  • Integrate data and optimize processes
  • Enhance risk management and compliance
  • Support more efficient payment processes
  • Streamline and integrate business processes

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