Public Sector

Maximizing Performance In The Public Sector

At Valeo Networks’ IT Solutions, we realize that organizational dynamics, regulations, reporting requirements and almost everything else are different in the public sector. The special needs of government and public sector organizations require special expertise. For example, we understand the importance of meeting budgetary, regulatory and transparency issues. Furthermore, we are well versed in recent trends in managing and interacting with constituents.

From local governments to federal agencies, we're able to leverage the investments you've made in your IT environment, building upon what you already have and making your infrastructure more robust, more efficient and more effective within your budget requirements. Our infrastructure technology management maximizes the performance of your applications and infrastructure. We also integrate new applications when needed and we fine tune internal and external IT processes to ensure that you’re meeting all the requirements placed upon your system.

We know that private sector solutions need customization and translation to become viable solutions for our public sector customers. Our solid foundation of corporate capabilities addresses many of the same issues public sector organizations face. But our team takes the time and does the legwork to understand how and where you’re needs are different, and then customizes our solutions to each specific application.

Providing Tailored Solutions

Valeo Networks’ IT Solutions can help your organization meet the demands of public sector projects with private sector efficiency.

We bring our biggest asset to your project - our talented staff of experts with the necessary experience to manage your project at the highest level. Our public sector customers demonstrate measurable value for money invested in IT operations. Our solutions help customers meet many of the goals commonly held in the public sector, such as:

  • Use of digital technology and processes to meet constituent expectations
  • Strengthening public sector communication channels: to/from constituents, businesses and other public sector agencies
  • Enhancing emergency readiness in terms of business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Improving quality of service and streamline administrative systems
  • Striking the right balance between increasing constituent demands while containing costs
  • Meeting regulatory compliance mandates
  • Integrating new and existing legacy information systems
  • Reallocating resources to enhancements or upgrades
  • Promoting data sharing

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